LIBRAH “Inside The Black Balloon”

“Inside The Black Balloon”
Having read the press release for this album you’d be forgiven for thinking that this would be some kind of stoned out Eastern flirt that makes George Harrison seem like a Westerner lost in India, smoking all kinds of funny things. Things aren’t that bad in reality. Sure, there is an eastern touch to the music but it isn’t as stoned out as you might think. It all started on a high note with a really aggressive riff and then it kept going in that high note fashion throughout the whole album. There is a dreamy quality to Librah’s hardrock that I like a lot. It’s almost like floating in salt drenched water, surrounded by total darkness. I could imagine that this album would sound great with headphones on. It has that aspect of wanting to drift away in internal images that only closed eyes and total isolation can bring forth. Not so much party music as music for personal contemplation. Anders Ekdahl

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