LIBRIA “Immortal Daughter of Aesthetics”

“Immortal Daughter of Aesthetics”
I can with a clean heart and clear consciousness say that I have absolutely no idea what djent is and how it sounds. I can’t even tune a guitar correctly. But that doesn’t stop me from being drawn towards band being labelled djent in one way or another. This is the kind of metal that you don’t sit and fiddle with your mobile phone to. If you do so you’ll get lost and won’t know what hit you once it is over. This is as twisted as I thought it would be. You gotta be on your toes not to miss out on any tempo changes or chord twists. This is death metal that makes Atheist seem like kiddy play. Bloody hell how the boundaries for what is technical has moved since the 80s. I blame it all in Meshuggah. But the joke aside, LIBRIA is one of hell of a cool act and this is one darn fine album. Anders Ekdahl

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