LIDOCAINE “On The Road To Miero”

“On The Road To Miero”
I was never a big fan of The Rasmus. I thought them to be too light and not really a heavy band but they seemed to go down well all around the world. I’m not saying that LIDOCAINE will be the next The Rasmus or even that they sound like them. The only reason I came to think of them was that I realized that I don’t know too much about Finnish hardrock/rock in general. There is a rawness to the guitars that I like. This is melodic hardrock to my ears. Kinda like the Electric Boys without the funk and tad harder. Or a Europe without the blues and a tad harder. This is harder than your average hardrock band making them borderline heavy metal but they never step over that threshold. A very nice surprise in deed. Anders Ekdahl

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