Lie In Ruins – “Floating In Timeless Streams”

Lie In Ruins – “Floating In Timeless Streams” (Dark Descent Records)
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Wow, if you like boundless atmosphere, then this Finnish death metal band have it in bunches! Originally formed in the early 90s and then placed on hiatus before being reactivated in 2002, Lie In Ruins have released 2 prior full length albums along with EPs and split releases. “Floating In Timeless Streams” has been six years in the making and compared to its 70 minute 2014 predecessor, is much shorter at only 41 minutes. But in its 10 deep and intense tracks, the band have fused their talents to date – and in that they are certainly not lacking. Taking it right back to the old school days of Bolt Thrower, Autopsy and Entombed, the captivating music of Lie In Ruins is based on deep, enveloping atmospheres of impenetrable darkness within which a maelstrom of death metal furor and melancholic melodies clash and dance to excite time and again. Opening to gargantuan riffs, artillery drumming and massive roars on ‘Earth Shall Mourn’, the atmosphere is nothing short of whirring grimness, yet as the underlying melancholia creeps in, your heart is taken by the powerful melodic sorrow from the twin guitars of Roni Ärling and Tuomas Kulmala that cry and shimmer superbly towards the song’s intense culmination. With even more cataclysmic menace, ‘Spectral Realms Of Fornication’ is unleashed through Jussi-Pekka Manner’s weighty drums, Roni Sahari’s abyssal bass and bear roars, and the twin guitars spinning a tornado of riffola, although once again, it’s the dark ambiance and death stalking acoustics that make the mesmerizing atmosphere into which the wailing guitars scream over one another as if racing to the very gates of Hell itself – superb. Exploding like a barrage, ‘Drowned’ does precisely that through the intensity of the instruments and when it slows down, the headbanging riffs are some of the best I’ve ever heard, especially when topped off by more funeral melodies – think Dissection meeting Bolt Thrower and Obituary and you are there! Heading into the apocalypse on ‘Descending Further’, the swashbuckling riffs whirr and scythe into you with immense power, chopping through your soul as the mini solos drill into what’s left before the dark ambiance spirits you away. It’s both an intense and immense experience as “Floating In Timeless Streams” more than lives up to its name in blast beating with outright brutality while basking in the deathly bliss of dark tranquility that summons you to return again and again to delve further into its fathomless secrets…..
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