LIFEFORMS “Multidimensional”

As much as I love Meshuggah as little do I get their technical skills. But I must be a glutton for punishment because I keep returning to bands that are supposedly overly technical in playing their metal. I don’t know too much about LIFEFORMS’ concept but I get a feeling that this might be a very elaborate attempt at explaining the meaning of life, kinda like DBC did on their “Universe” album. That it is intricate you know from the very first track. This isn’t your average Joe’s cup of coffee. No sir. This is the kind of metal that is so full of stuff that you need to listen to it over and over to fully get all that is going on. You don’t listen to this album because you want to be blown away by some primitive old school death metal. No, this is a whole different beast. And as little as I understand the theory behind the music the more I find myself enjoying this. Anders Ekdahl

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