Lillian Axe – “XI: The Days Before Tomorrow”

Lillian Axe – “XI: The Days Before Tomorrow” (AFM Records)

‘..The big shot producers, major label record deals, videos for MTV, quarter of a million record sales in the United States alone, New Orleans survivors Lillian Axe have persevered through the years and still to this day, record new music and tour…’. Yup, can’t argue with that – these guys are like the history of metal personified! Still lead by guitarist main man Steve Blaze, Lillian Axe go back to the 80s when they were named after the movie ‘Creep Show’ and even more so, their music reflects the times they’ve been thru, from glam rock n roll to hard rock to heavy metal. The sheer number of people that have played in this band is frightening and I would not like the daunting task of trying to document their history so prob best to concentrate on this 11th album, which pretty much reflects their past from the hard n heavy ‘Lava On My Tongue’ to the anthemic ‘The Great Divide’ to the kick ass rock n roll of ‘Caged In’. Whilst this album doesn’t break any new ground, frankly I don’t get the impression it’s supposed to but instead serves to continue their legacy and remain true to their fans – as reflected by the straight-from-the-heart songs that Blaze writes. Lillian is back and the girl has an axe to grind……

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