LINED “Soulcrifice”

(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Spanish melodic death/thrash metal is not something that I come upon too often. Not that it matters that it is Spanish but it sure does add a bit exotic to it. I am really excited to sink my teeth into this one. Hopefully it is as meaty as I hope for it to be. Melodic death/thrash can be either way. It all depends on how it is done. I don’t know about the death metal side of things but this does remind me more of Kreator than it does Death, so to speak. But I guess that deep down this is what is says it is; melodic death/thrash. I don’t know why but the vocalist does remind me of Angela Gossow. Nothing bad with that, just a brain curiosity from my side. Perhaps not as melodic or thrashy as I would have liked but still good enough to give me a pleasant break from ordinary daily shores. Anders Ekdahl

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