LION SPLICER “Holiday In Dystopia”

“Holiday In Dystopia”
Lion Splicer returns with a new album. For those of you following us here at Battle Helm you’ll know that this is a band made up of true die hard metalheads. For each new release that we get exposed to the band has taken a step or two forward. So it is with great expectations that I take on this new album. Will they blow my socks off this time or will I end up feeling a bit let down because they haven’t progressed the way I’d expected them to? Lion Splicer wasn’t an easy entity to take in even on that first album. There was an awkwardness to them much like Primus or Mr Bungle without the oddness. That is still present on this new album. This is not straight forward in any sense of the word. This twists and turns like a bull at a rodeo. Listening to Lion Splicer is like being served a smorgasbord of all different style of hardrock/metal that has been on the table since the 80s. If that is a good thing or not I’ll leave to you to decide. I know what I think of it (I like it). Anders Ekdahl

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