We got readers. WE GOT READERS!!! Lion Splicer is made up of two brothers who seem to love metal so much that they’ve started a band together. And they seem to like Battle Helm too since they’ve sent us this, their debut album, to be reviewed. That this sounds like it was recorded in a rehearsal room doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve heard much worse over the years. You gotta give the guys credit for having managed to record an album on what seems like a limited budget. And I’m not saying that just to be kind. While not entirely to my taste there are bits’n’pieces on “Slicer” that aren’t too shabby. Describing the music I’d say this is heavy metal done the Zappa way (Frank that is). Or maybe it is influenced by Devin? It is quite quirky. I’m glad I got to hear this. I’m one experience richer now. Anders Ekdahl

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