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Battle Helm Rating

I was never a great fan of System of a Down. I have not heard a single full album by them, yet they have left an impression on me. So much that I do use them as reference in some reviews. Especially when I come upon a band that doesn’t really follow the norm. Italian LITTLE BOY LOST is one of these bands that seem to have an agenda all their own. Kinda like Primus or President Of the United States of America. Bands that seem to be on a whole different planet. I kinda have a hard time following that kind of thought patterns but in small doses even I can enjoy it. LITTLE BOY LOST is like I said an odd beast. But the more I listen to this the more I like it. There is a flow to it that I like. Not an album that I am gonna spin at parties but still an album that will spin some more times. Anders Ekdahl

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