Liv Kristine – “Libertine”

Liv Kristine – “Libertine” (Napalm Records)

Norway’s Liv Kristine is probably better known to most people as the vocalist of Leave’s Eyes and the former vocalist of Theater Of Tragedy. However, this solo release is something of a departure from both those bands, being more modern rock despite being released on a metal label like Napalm. I guess a clue to this solo material came from Liv’s cover of Kate Bush’s ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes’, which she incidentally does fine justice to, and in a way tracks like ‘Meet Me In The Red Sky’ and ‘Wait For The Rain’ seem to also follow in succession, whilst utilizing elements from her past like light electronics, dual male harmonies and soft gothic rock to enhance her material still further. Like Bush, whose eclectic style saw her break the boundaries of rock conventionality, Kristine is also attempting to do the same here with the aptly titled “Libertine” which offers us unmitigated pleasure for those open enough to receive it.

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