LIVARKAHIL “Signs Of Decay”

“Signs Of Decay”
In today’s extreme metal scene it’s not enough to just be extreme, you gotta stand out to even have the slightest of a chance to get noticed. In the case of Livarkahil it has to be the band name. Not only is it hard to pronounce correctly, it is also so strange that you have no idea what it means. Musically this is brutal death metal done in the Polish school of fast and technical. Think Decapitated, Hate or early Vader and you get a pretty good picture of what to expect. If you thought the new Morbid Angel was too extreme an change you can always fall back on Livarkahil’s death metal. As with the before mentioned bands, there would be none without Morbid Angel’s “Altars Of Madness”. “Livarkahil could be seen as the natural progression of that Morbid Angel album. Extreme death metal done good. Anders Ekdahl

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