LIVEEVIL “3 Altering”

“3 Altering”
Apart from being a very debated live album by Black Sabbath the name LIVEEVIL is kinda cool. I am surprised that no one thought of using it as a band name much earlier (I guess that somewhere there are tons of bands using or having used the name already). This here band has some burden to carry on their shoulders with the choice of band name. If they sound like something the cat dragged in they sure have a hard way to travel. I’m not a great fan of either Pain or Deathstar. For some reason I haven’t gotten turned on to their take on metal. I have no real reason for it either other than a feeling. But that doesn’t stop me from giving this Czech band a try. When I hear this kind of metal my mind immediately wanders to Paradise Lost and their “electronic age”. Sure this is metal but there is a very machine-like feel to this. And as with most things I get exposed to I end up liking it. This isn’t too bad. I can see a huge market for this in Germany. Anders Ekdahl

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