“Black Letters”
To be honest I don’t remember to much about receiving this. One day it appeared in my mail box and I had no idea what to expect from it. Made up of members from all over the world and the way it was described as dark rock or something similar I had no greater expectations on this but boy was I in for a surprise. This might be described as Marilyn Manson-ish but had Marilyn Manson been anything like this I’d be the first in line. This wasn’t what I expected at all. it was so much more. I have no real idea of how to describe it. To my ears this is like an amalgamation of sleaze, glam, dark, goth, whatever metal all poured into a mixer and then served up as LIVING DEAD LIGHT. I might be seduced by the sheer force of this but it is hard not to be when it is a exuberant as this is. Bring on the party. Anders Ekdahl

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