Living Gate – “Deathlust”

Living Gate – “Deathlust” EP (Relapse Records)
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Sharing a common love of both classic and contemporary death metal, Living Gate is a new band formed by Aaron Rieseberg (YOB,) Lennart Bossu (Oathbreaker, Amenra), Wim Coppers (Oathbreaker, Wiegedood) and Levy Seynaeve (Amenra, Wiegedood). Taking inspiration as much from Suffocation and Death to Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation, this 4 tracker is stoked with plenty of huge, catchy death metal grooves as well as bountiful technicality making this one visceral ride into sheer barbarism!!! As the main riff evilly hooks you in amid clanging melodies on ‘Roped’, Seynaeve’s hollow roars add to the slow, ominous atmosphere building superbly before blasting off to the ferocious, pounding drums and fast technical fretboard work, while the lure of the groove is undeniable as it chunders away into your guts. Chopping in frantically on the title track ‘Deathlust’, it’s the monster epic death riff that really makes this track memorable, while the intensity of the fast screaming and wailing neo classical guitars only add superb sophistication to the molten furore. With scarcely a let up in speed, ‘Heaven Ablaze’ oozes technicality with plenty of twists, alternating tempos and spiralling guitar work hugely reminiscent of Death during their “Individual Thought Patterns” period. Purposefully devoid of being over-polished, “Deathlust” definitely lives up to its title, although not without finesse in its own right.
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