LIZZY BORDEN “My Midnight Things”

”My Midnight Things”
(Metal Blade)

Battle Helm Rating

You all should be familiar with both the folklore tale of Lizzy Borden as well as the US melodic metal band LIZZY BORDEN. Having flown the flag of metal since the 80s this is one classic act. And even though I wasn’t too into the melodic metal thing in the 80s I still liked LIZZY BORDEN. And ever since then the act has been in my conscious in one form or another. Turn the clock forward 33 years and here I sit with a brand spanking new album. Still flying the flag for melodic metal high LIZZY BORDEN have with “My Midnight Things” recorded an album full of cool metal songs. It does not feel right to compare this to anything contemporary but if I had to give you some sort of reference I would say that this is in the same league as Hardcore Superstar. Throw in some early Queensrÿche too and you get an idea. But since you already know everything about LIZZY BORDEN you know what to expect from this album. Anders Ekdahl

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