LJOSAZABOJSTWA Staražytnaje licha”

Staražytnaje licha”
(Hellthrasher Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Okidoki, I will not even try to pronounce this band’s name. That one seems like a tongue bender of Olympic proportions. Hopefully the music will be a hell of a lot easier to understand. This Belarus black metal horde released this on tape in January and it sold out immediately. With the adding of an extra track this recording now makes its debut on CD. I can see why they sold out of the tape edition. This has that old school feel to it that I remember from the tape trading days. Nothing fancy. Just pure metal of the extreme kind. It is cool that that almost 30 years later bands still sound like this. What I liked back then is still with me and that I am glad for. Anders Ekdahl

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