LOCK UP ”Demonization”


Battle Helm Rating

No, I am not ashamed to admit that I have never ever listened to a LOCK UP album prior to this. Not because I wouldn’t like the music or because I have something against all star line-ups. It just hasn’t happened. For different reasons. And since this is my first LOCK UP album I will not try to tell you what they have been up to before but there have been a change in the line-up. At The Gates-Tompa has been replace by Brutal Truth-Kevin. Musically this is grindcore in the late 80s Napalm Death/Nasum school. Very metallic, always balancing on the death metal side but never treading that dreaded line. It is not hard to not like this. If you like extreme music then this will be a high light of the year. And if you don’t think so I dare you to send me grindcore albums that will match this. Anders Ekdahl

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