Lock Up – “Necropolis Transparent”

Lock Up
“Necropolis Transparent”
(Nuclear Blast)

Long awaited since their last album comes the latest release from death noise super group Lock Up comprising Shane Embury, Nick Barker, Tomas Lindberg and new boy Anton Reisenegger of Chile’s Pentagram following the sad passing of Jesse Pintado. Aptly titled, this album is extreme in every sense from Lindberg’s almost hardcore screams, Barker’s relentless blast beat drumming and Embury’s brutal bass runs that take us back to the early days of death metal on the 16 unforgiving songs herein like ‘Roar Of A Thousand Throats’, ‘Anvil Of Flesh’ and ‘Vomiting Evil’. It might’ve been 8 years since we last heard from these guys, but they have returned with a furor that few peer bands can match nor a passion for their roots that many have long forgotten. Total decimation!

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