Locus Mortis – “Inter Uterum Et Loculum MMXI”

Locus Mortis
“Inter Uterum Et Loculum MMXI”
(ATMF Records)

Gotta hand it to these dudes at ATMF, they definitely find the diamonds amongst the rust. Locus Mortis are an Italian black metal band of the old school tradition with a ‘..deeply rooted ancient vision of death as it was during medieval times..’ and vividly captured on this grim and eerie opus that is in fact a complete re-recording of the original album that sold out in 2005! Guttural vocals, morbid guitars, rumbling bass and depressing melodies certainly make up the gloom on tracks like ‘Immortale Decadenza’, ‘La Via Mi Fu Mostrata’ and ‘Flamme’, all of which are completed by haunting choirs and some excellent drum work whose rhythms add to the background of the evilness in this mausoleum of an album. Not to be missed (again).

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