Lonely Kamel – “Shit City”

lonely kamel

Lonely Kamel – “Shit City” (Napalm Records)

Man, that’s some title! Now on their fourth album, these Norwegian stoners manage to sound like they rode outta the desert from some bad ass biker trip rather than from the land of fjords, pine trees – or black metal!! Still, all the grooves are there from the funky geetars that shake n groove like they were going down in some low down bar dripping with the stink of hard sweat, booze and good rock n roll! Thomas Brenna and Lukas Paulsen pull out some amazing licks and wild solos from their late 60s / early 70s hard blues rock strings, not to mention Brenna’s own Plant meets Fogerty soul vox that show a refreshing awakening from the usual psychedelic doom slumber that I’ve come to expect with a far more straightforward album, both in the compositions of more compact rockers like ‘Falling Down’, ‘White Lines’ and ‘I Feel Sick’ as well as its matching raw sound. With Scandinavia now in the throes of a desert rock phenom, Lonely Kamel stand at the head of the herd with an authentic sound that’s guaranteed to ball break live. Now that’s the shit!

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