Lonewolf – “Army Of The Damned”

Lonewolf – “Army Of The Damned” (Napalm Records)

Give it up for French power metal! Hailing from the capital of the French Alps – Grenoble – a city steeped in a 2000 year history, Lonewolf have a lot to live up to – and they proudly do not disappoint! This is a fine, fine album worthy of their heritage, essentially mixing power and traditional heavy metal but with plenty of heart felt passion (well they’re French aren’t they LOL – Ed) in their powerful medieval melodies, such that songs like ‘The Last Defenders’, ‘Tally Ho’ and ‘Hellbent For Metal’ are stirring epics worthy of marching off to a crusade, and singing all the way I might add LOL. “Army Of The Damned” is an excellent all around album and if Lonewolf can put forward their passion in their live show they could be a formidable act indeed – vive la France!

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