LONEWOLF ”Raised On Metal”

”Raised On Metal”
(Massacre Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Whenever I see the words lone wolf I’m taken back to my childhood and the western movies I watched back then. Me and my dad used to watch these kinds of movies together. And still to this day I am a big westerns fan. One of my all time fave movies are Rio Bravo with John Wayne. I do not know if LONEWOLF will be that lasting on me but I sure hope that this album is gonna give me a good time. This is the 9th album this French heavy metal legion releases but I cannot for the life of me remember if I have heard them before. And the music doesn’t really tell me so either. But this is full on heavy metal, that is for sure. And that is nice. There is nothing wrong in music that gets your heart pumping. Listening to this album is a true pleasure. Anders Ekdahl

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