Lonewolf – “The Fourth And Final Horseman”

Lonewolf – “The Fourth And Final Horseman” (Napalm Records)

After last year’s mightily impressive “Army Of The Damned” I was eagerly looking forward to the next installment from these French medieval metallers! Produced by none other than Powerwolf’s Charles Greywolf this had everything on the cards to be the ‘big’ one for Lonewolf. Indeed, Charles has given the album an epic feel with a definite loud sound! Frontman Jens Borner sounds like he’s leading a final assault on a castle while riff hacking furiously with his axe along with fellow knight in arms Alex Hilbert. Behind them comes the siege engine rhythm barrage of Rikki Mannhard and Tonio Bussière together producing songs like ‘Time For War’ and ‘Dragonriders’. It’s certainly epic and full of panache being characteristically French but what was alluring last year were those power melodies, almost folk like but as deadly as a well aimed arrow. They’re still here but take a more Maiden-esque form this time round which isn’t as passionate although ‘The Brotherhood Of Wolves’ shows more what the band were capable of with it’s graceful soloing and medieval melodies. Either way Lonewolf are no less exciting in my book, rather like a horseman atop his steed galloping into the sunset, the stuff of legends….

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