Lord Volture – “Will To Power”


Lord Volture – “Will To Power” (Mausoleum Records)

Now onto their 3rd album, these Dutch Heavy Metallers have a trend of featuring well known guest artists, from Jeff Waters of Annihilator on their debut to Cage’s Sean Peck on their sophomore. A touring regular on the Euro Metal circuit, this time around they’ve chosen legendary ex Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland on “Will To Power” which also happens to be their first signing to cult Belgian label, Mausoleum. Drawing inspiration from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and more newer bands like Iced Earth, Lord Volture play a straight up meat n potatoes metal that is as unpretentious as it is powerful and passionate. From David Marcelis’s high end vocals that are almost as high as the wailing guitars of his brother Paul, who along with Leon Hermans, kick enough furor out’ve their engine beast riffing matched by the heavy bass lines of Simon Geurts and Frank Wintermans steamhammerin’ drumming. Lord Volture’s rugged metal is complemented by highly tasteful melodies intelligently woven into the chugging riffola, skillful soloing and harmonies. Poland adds his own subtle measure through his jazz fusion signature sound in additional solos that bolster the band through a slightly wild and certainly off the wall vibe as he did in Megadeth, although the band’s sound remains true to their identity throughout the 9 meaty tracks making up this excellent album. Showing an equally wide variety of subject matter lyrically, Lord Volture exhibit both class and intelligence from the epic ‘Taklamakan‘ (presumably named after the vast desert in China) to hitting hard with ‘The Pugilist’ (dedictated to a heavyweight boxing champion) and the bombastic ‘Badajoz’, which is about the 1812 Siege of Badajoz during the Napoleonic Wars – and you can almost hear the cannons pounding thanks to Wintermans! All in all another winner from Lord Volture, a band fast rising up the ranks in the fine spirit that is true to the tradition of Dutch Metal.

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