Lordi – “Recordead Live – Sextourcism In Z7”

Lordi – “Recordead Live – Sextourcism In Z7” DVD / CD / LP (AFM Records)

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Forever to be remembered as the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, Lordi have been going for 27 years and with 9 albums released, a live DVD has been long overdue. At over 2 hours featuring 25 tracks along with bonus backstage footage, “Recordead Live – Sextourcism In Z7” also includes 14 music videos, including the previously unreleased ‘Inferno’, made in 1994 and directed by Mr Lordi himself! Recorded – or maybe I should say recordead – at the Z7 Club on the Swiss German border, a veritable second home to the Finns over the years and proving to be the perfect setting, this stunning DVD captures the definitive Lordi performance in every aspect of the band’s catchy hard rock metal. Led by Mr Lordi (complete with some truly impressive wings!), the band not only look great but sound amazing thanks to the tight musicianship, with the emphasis being on those massive melodic hooks and hard to ignore heartfelt harmonies, all bringing a huge singalong appeal that needs no invitation to the roaring Z7 crowd who join in with the songs at every opportunity! From ‘Rock Police’ the chanting starts as Hella’s keyboard harmonies accompany Amen’s hard guitar as Mr Lordi roars to the catchy chorus leading to power pop overload until the hits come home in ‘Devil Is A Loser’ with its killer chorus driven by an electric groove along with a hard hitting rhythm from OX (bass) and Mana’s thumping drums. But it’s the grand finale of ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ that really brings back the glory of Eurovision, with Mr Lordi getting the crowd going as Hella’s high backing vocals and harmonies go into overdrive to climatically end this stellar live release as spectacularly as the band’s amazing costumes!

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