Lordi – “Sexorcism”

Lordi – “Sexorcism” (AFM Records) 

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Hallelujah – it’s Lordi time! These guys will always be in my heart for blowing the socks off 2006’s Eurovision Song Contest, a serious achievement for a rock metal band and also for exorcising the sheer evil of the event itself ha ha!! Already stated to be the Lordi’s most controversial release to date, “Sexorcism” would fit that bill in terms of its sex theme, deviating somewhat from the band’s established horror / monster concept, although thankfully that’s where it ends, as the music, if expectedly more mature in places, remains pretty much the same. Themed on not too serious, hugely catchy singalong rock metal, the 13 sex themed tracks on “Sexorcism” are certainly cheesy (and sleazy) enough, although executed to perfection by the tight musicianship and big sound production befitting the band’s international headliner status. Led by Mr Lordi’s trademark bestial drawl, the material ranges from lighter poppy songs graced by Hella’s prominent creepy keyboards and vital femme harmonies to those with plenty of metal exuding from Amen’s wailing guitars and Mana’s double bass drumming. From electro metal insanity of ‘The Beast Is Yet to Cum’ where the song’s weird theatrical melodies are contrasted superbly by a powerfully pure rock chorus to ‘Polterchrist’, a sultry number with Mr Lordi at his sexiest (!) until the huge singalong chorus hits along with massive harmonies, “Sexorcism” delivers as much fun as its predecessors. Heaviest and best track for me was ‘Rimskin Assassin’ with its crunching rhythm, squeaking guitars and Mr Lordi really rocking out – oh yeah – to really build the vibe until yet another monster singalong chorus possesses you amid Hella’s orgasmic wails. If you can bear even more tongue in (ass) cheek tones then “Sexorcism” will do it for you over and over again. Now pass me that well deserved smoke…..

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