Lordi – “To Beast Or Not To Beast”

Lordi – “To Beast Or Not To Beast” (AFM Records)

It’s the 20th anniversary for these Finnish hard rockers and after taking a softer approach with their previous album “Babez For Breakfast”, you couldn’t have asked for a bigger change in “To Beast Or Not To Beast” given it’s aggression! Much of this is owed to seeds that former drummer Otus planted before his tragic death as well as guitarist Amen taking a bigger role in the compositions. Added to this a change in keyboardist with the arrival of Hella and new drummer Mana that sees the band erring more into the metal arena on songs like ‘I Luv Ugly’ with heavier riffs, harder rhythms and wilder soloing. I guess it’s a good thing for any doubters of the band’s cheesy theatrical image although I’ve always loved their catchy harmonised hard rock that took them to win Eurovision 06! In that respect I’m glad they’re still producing addictive songs like ‘Happy New Fear’ or ‘Horrification’ which could be a worthy successor to their hit ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ and Mr Lordi’s penchant for penning tacky lyrics certainly haven’t been lost with lines like ‘…fuck you, fuck you asshole sincerely with love..’ sung thru his still gravelly voice lol. With a tribute drum clinic track for the aforementioned Otus tacked onto the end, this album is both befitting as a tribute to the band’s 2 decade history as well as setting an all important foundation for their future!

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