Battle Helm Rating

In much I still live in the 80s when it comes to my metal. Not that I haven’t updated my collection since then but almost all my memories are from that time period. But back then everything was new and fresh. And everything since then has just been adding new impressions on top of the old ones. So today when I come upon a band from like Austria memories of what it was like to find an Austrian metal band for the first time. Nowadays it ain’t as exclusive as it was back then. So it comes as no surprise that LOST DREAMS rips me a new one with this album. From the very first note it was like being kicked to the nuts over and over. And with no chance of ducking it. But hey, what better way to wake up on a Wednesday in august is there? For once I agree with the label that describes this a modern melodic death metal wonder. And what a wonder it is. I am all sweaty just from listening to this. Two thumbs up. Anders Ekdahl

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