Lost Society – “Fast Loud Death”

Lost Society – “Fast Loud Death” (Nuclear Blast)

LOL – I can believe these nutty Finns recorded this at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki cos it really is bloody loud! With an average age of only 18 don’t be expecting anything stupendous in the musical maestro league, but their grade A party thrash is certainly alive – probably the best album I’ve heard in a while that captures a true ‘live’ feel to songs like ‘Piss Out My Ass’, ‘Braindead Metalhead’ and ‘Bitch, Out My Way’ – like I said, no finesse here ha ha! Mixing together the furious rhythms of early Anthrax with the machine gun riffs of Metallica wiv Mustaine and finally loading it with Dimebag grooves, Lost Society are anything but that given how studious they’ve been in terms of those classic thrash sounds, their impressive musicianship but also the attitude that fueled it. Granted their youth I guess the next step will be to see how these guys can move their music from the juvenile league into the justice league for the big boys.

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