LOVE.MIGHT.KILL “2 Big 2 Fall”

“2 Big 2 Fall”
Love.Might.Kill are a blank to me. This could be the worst kind of hair band or the best kind of metal. I have no idea what to expect but I do know that I will make up my mind one way or another once I’m done listening to this album. Sometime it does pay to be adventures. Hopefully this will be one of those days. What struck me at first was how much of bluesy edge there is to the music. Not that this is anything like AC/DC but I do get a slight Whitesnake when they were a hairband kidna vibe. Throw in a harder Bon Jovi too and you get a picture of where to place this in time. This wouldn’t have been out of place in the 80s LA scene alongside bands like Warrant, Poison, Cinderella (even though they were east coast). I didn’t realize how much this kind of hardrock had had an impact on me until I got to hear this album. It brought out memories that I thought I had buried deep. Good on Love.Might.Kill. Anders Ekdahl

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