LOVER UNDER COVER “Set The Night On Fire”

“Set The Night On Fire”
(Escape Music)
The first time I saw the name I thought it was stupid. But the more I gotten used to it the better it fits in my mouth. It is actually pretty clever if you think about it. Hopefully the music they present isn’t as clever as the band name. I could really do with some big melodies right about now. I need some really good AOR/hardrock to light up an otherwise rather dark November day. When did Sweden become the capital of great hardrock/metal? I seldom come upon a really bad Swedish band. This is no exception. There is a bluesy side to this that adds to the melodic side. I must admit that at first I thought it was a woman singing. I’m not saying that the voice is very feminine. It must have been my computer that twisted the sound. As I got accustomed to the voice I started to enjoy it. This is hardrock for those of you that miss out on older Bon Jovi and stuff like that. For people that can’t get enough of good hardrock. Anders Ekdahl

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