LOWBRAU ” A Darker Shade Of Blues”

”A Darker Shade Of Blues”
When I see the word blues in any album title I get a bit cautious. Not that I don’t like blues or even bands like The Black Crows but I never really know what to expect from an album with blues in the title. It could be the most exquisite or the dullest piece of crap I’ve heard in days and ages. And when you state that you mix a lot of different styles to make this a shake that tastes of everything I get even more suspicious. But once you start listening to this you forget every doubt you ever had. This is metal, period. They may incorporate whatever styles they like in their sound but on the 9min+ title track they sound more like Crowbar heavy than blues heavy. And that is a sound that I have nothing against. So please keep the influences coming if you end up with a good a mix as you got going on this album. Anders Ekdahl

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