LOXODROME “Forget About”

“Forget About”
LOXODROME might sound like a drug/medicine and perhaps this is what the doctor ordered in terms to cure my raging cold. Perhaps this is the drug that will put the smile back on my again. I really hope so because right now I’m sick and tired of my nose running like it is a broken tap. The first time I heard this record I got an Irish feel to the first song. You know the cliché of the Irish sitting in a pub playing the fiddle and singing. I got that vibe from the first song. That this was going to be a bunch of merry old lads partying. And it continued in that same vein the whole record out. This is one merry record yet not sappily merry like an arranged postcard. There is a depth to the music that saves it from becoming a parody. Anders Ekdahl

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