LUCID DREAMING “The Chronicles Pt1”

“The Chronicles Pt1”
LUCID DREAMING screams pretentious a long way. I have nothing against pretentious. In fact I quite like it when a band attempts something grand and don’t really care for what other people think. The bigger the better. Pretentious has gotten a lot of unwarranted slack. Pretentious is good. LUCID DREAMING are good. This really has that greater than life feel to it. You get grandiose vocal arrangements and songs that feel bigger than life itself. You can really see this being performed on a hill with an astounded audience looking up at them. As close to a religious experience I’m gonna get today. And since this is part 1 we can assume that there is going to be at least a part 2. Pretentious is good, at least when it is spelled LUCID DREAMING. Anders Ekdahl

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