Lucifer – “Lucifer I”


Lucifer – “Lucifer I” (Rise Above Records)

ABRACADABRA! Formerly of The Oath, mesmerizing vocalist Johanna Sadonis didn’t waste any time in forming her successor band – the aptly named Lucifer! In a way it speaks bounds about the confidence of this highly talented artiste, who has run clubs in Berlin and whose appreciation of magic, spirituality and philosophy is reflected in her deep compositions which almost take an art form, as well as her highly theatrical live show. Drafting in both Dino Gollnick on bass and drummer Andrew Prestidge, also formerly of The Oath, Sadonis then enlisted the wizardry of none other than Garry Jennings of Cathedral on guitar! With an unmistakeable tone, Gaz’s syrup thick riffing offers a beastly contrast to the delicate femme vocals of Sadonis, whose spiritual wailing and melodies are more reminiscent of ancient civilizations, but whose power when switched on pierces through hauntingly on songs like ‘Purple Pyramid’, ‘Izrael’ and ‘Sabbath’. Although rooted in 70s occult rock, and boasting a sound that revels in exquisite analogue warmth thanks to Candy Bomber studios in Berlin providing the band with a collection of old school analogue equipment to realize their potent vision, the material nevertheless has a decidedly modern take with Sadonis’s vision and heart felt vibes imprinted all over this stunning debut, catapulting Lucifer well beyond your average stoner band in just about every aspect. Utterly spell bounding, this is Magic Rock – heartfelt and holistic.

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