“Unidas en Alcohol, Cuero y Metal ”
It might be wrong and very Swedish to assume that the macho culture still lives in prosperity in South America but for some strange reason I feel excited whenever I get sent anything that has a woman or two in its line-up and comes from South America (yeah, I know it is a continent and not one single country). Both Lucifera and Virgin Killer are all female bands (not that it matters what gender the members are) and that alone get me excited but more so the prospect of this being some really cool South American deathrash the way it was played when I got into it back in the days. Lucifera proves to be just that. This is like listening to early Sepultura or Sacrofago. Just pure thrashing rage. Really cool stuff if you like your metal very primitive and dirty. Virgin Killer are more pure thrash where Lucifera are more deathrash. More melodic in a very raw and primitive Megadeth/Anthrax way. This is so cool that I had to buy this tape (old school!!). Anders Ekdahl

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