LUCIFERICON “The Occult Waters”

“The Occult Waters”
(Blood Harvest)
I didn’t read this band’s name properly the first time and thought it was a new Luciferion album. Was I surprised when I discovered that this was a French lot? Just goes to show that you really should pay more attention to what you put in your stereo (computer). But hey, this could still be a cool album. I know that we lately have been bombarded with old school death metal to the point of it being almost overkill but as I’m a sucker for this kind of death metal I can’t seem to get enough of it. LUCIFERICON have that old styled sound to their metal. Kinda like the first time you heard Sepultura or any other South American band from the 80s. It is a bit tin like but you don’t really care because the sheer force of the music kinda outweigh that with a ton. That is kinda like what I feel like listening to this 12”. Cool. Anders Ekdahl

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