LUGNASAD “Smell Of A Grey Sore”

“Smell Of A Grey Sore”
(Art Of Propaganda)
French black metal. A band name that is a Gaelic holiday. No, I’m not mentioning Asterix & Obelix. And even though I liked/still like the cartoon I see no resemblances between the fictive Gaelic heroes and this French black metal band. But I do hope that I’ll like this too at the end of the album being played. Can’t say that I hear too much of the Gaelic influence in the first track. Not that I would know any Gaelic influence even if it bit me in my ass. This is black metal in the Immortal school of finding a groove and sticking with it. Not that LUGNASAD in any way sound like Immortal but they got that same kind of epic groove going in their music. You have heard it countless times before but it doesn’t really matter when it is done well. And done well is what LUGNASAD’s black metal is. Anders Ekdahl

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