Lujuria – “Rockeando El Pavimento”

Lujuria – “Rockeando El Pavimento” (Cleopatra Records)

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The Argentinian rock scene is one I’m little familiar with – but this power rock trio are definitely something worth talking about! One of the rising stars of their country, having won the MTV Latinoamerica 2007 and a string of other awards, Lujuria’s talent has already taken them to Mexico and the US where they were apparently also noticed by Nick Oliveri (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Jesse Hughes (Eagles Of Death Metal), even performing live with the former on a coupla occasions. Hype aside, I have to admit that this 14 tracker has an immediate effect, being 100% proof rock all over. Simply no messin’! Every riff, melody, instrument and sound has the pure rock mark emblazoned all over it justifiably as if bestowed by the rock gods themselves. Even more so are the incorporations of metal, stoner, grunge and death punk that really give the fire, energy and class to tracks like the razor rock wah of ‘Autopista’, the raw psycho ‘Ritual’ with its wild, wailing guitars and the charged but mello punk closer ‘Voltios’, complete with raucous shout outs and noise drenched guitars – excellent! Although sung in Spanish, Dohko Lujuria’s vocals are so – well rock – that the language factor doesn’t mean anything when it comes to listening to the instantly addictive tracks here. With more touring planned this year, Lujuria are sure to be a hit with even wider audiences as “Rockeando El Pavimento” is definitely an all star winner!

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