LUNA AD NOCTUM “Hypnotic Inferno”

“Hypnotic Inferno”
Today it is enough to just say Polish extreme metal and you know that you’ll be in for a really awesome ride. I have no doubts whatsoever that LUNA AD NOCTUM will blow my socks off. I have the fullest confidence in their capability to be another really awesome Polish metal act. For some reason I can hear all sorts of reference points when I listen to this album yet I can’t put any names to those points. That bugs the hell out of me. What I do know is that this is black metal on the more “bigger than life” side of things. There is a symphonic feel to it that could be a Dimmu Borgir reference but there is also a more groovy side of things that could be a Satyricon reference. Then you get a full on blast that might even make you thing Behemoth style death metal. That I like this I don’t doubt. There is a charm to it that makes it hard to resist. Anders Ekdahl

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