LUNAR AURORA “Hoagascht”

(Cold Dimensions)
Lunar Aurora seems so familiar that I know that I haven’t only read about them. I must have heard them too on a very early album. I can’t say that I have any greater memories, or any memories at all of it but my gut tells me that this will be another cold German black metal album. I don’t know why but German seem like such a fitting black metal language. There is a coldness and directness to the language that just fits perfectly with black metal. And when it is black metal like Lunar Aurora plays it it seems even more appropriate. This is cold and voidless like a journey into outer space. This is hopelessness put to music. This is the soundtrack to the grayness of German industrial cities and the constant raining. This is pretty damn good stuff all in all if you don’t mind being depressed and down. Anders Ekdahl

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