LUNARSEA “Hundred Light Years”

“Hundred Light Years”
With a name like LUNARSEA you kinda expect this to be of the more gothic metal persuasion. But it won’t be the first time that I’ve gotten fooled by a band’s name only for it to turn out to be something that I never could had imagined. And yes, there is a gothic touch to it but for most of the part this is black metal in the more dramatic end of the scale. If you like Cradle Of Filth but think that they’ve gone too Shakespeare on you you might like this album. Throw in some touches of death and a touch of symphonic stuff and you get LUNARSEA. This is aggressive enough to suit any black metal fan with a flair for the more dramatic stuff. Not close to Dimmu Borgir in either sound or symphony but still worth checking out. Anders Ekdahl

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