LVCIFYRE “Svn Eater”

”Svn Eater”
(Dark Descent)
I bought a 7” by this band a while ago and then I got to hear their debut album and I liked what I heard. This British band plays a style of metal that isn’t your typical black metal. There is an air to this that sets it apart from the rest. Hopefully they’ll be able to build on that with this new recording. This is black metal in that primitive fashion you hear bands like play today. A bit old school with a modern touch. And with an air of the past like Venom you can’t go wrong. And If you don’t know who Venom are you might want to read up on the history of black metal. I like the fact that there a British touch to this too. This is just as great as I remember it to be from the previous album. You just gotta love this kind of black metal. Anders Ekdahl

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