LYFTHRASYR “The Engineered Flesh”

”The Engineered Flesh”
I like it industrial. I find great pleasure in listening to Einstürzende Neubauten hammering away on sheet metal. I also like the industrial goings of bands like Fear Factory or Rammstein. Perhaps not so OTT but still with a cool enough beat for me to get excited. With that being said I kinda look forward to hearing LYFTHRASYR. There is a black metal touch to this that takes the whole industrial feeling to Mad Max heights. You can really see a post apocalyptic hell when you listen to this album. It is dark and bleak in a totally non-positive way. This could be a soundtrack to the very last battle for existence. Musically this is as if Limbonic Art crashed with an atom bomb. Out comes an album that is the equivalent to being secluded in bomb shells, alone and with no hope. Anders Ekdahl

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