LYKHAEON “Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls”

“Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls”
(Godz Ov War Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

When you get a record and it consists of only two tracks that are each 13 minutes long you know that this is not gonna be your average melodic death metal band. No sir, this is dark and very sinister black metal from Switzerland, the land of chocolate and watches. But nobody seems to know what lurks in the dark basements. I can tell you that it is neither chocolate nor watches that the dark souls are constructing. Instead it is black metal that will curl the toes of even the most hardcore Hellhammer fan (me). There is nothing nice about this. Yet at the same time it is the darkness of this that makes it interesting. The eeriness of being lost in a dark and damp basement and not knowing how to find your way out. You just gotta trust the music to guide you right. That is what this record is to me, my guide in the darkness. Anders Ekdahl

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