Lyriel – “Leverage”

Lyriel – “Leverage” (AFM Records)

It’s always nice to come across a band who aren’t easy to define, especially if they do it naturally and not in some contrived manner. Germany’s Lyriel do exactly that, fusing together the diverse musical talents of the seven people making up the band, which in essence is Celtic Folk, romantic Rock, cellos, violins and soft femme vocals. Strictly speaking, I wouldn’t call Lyriel even ‘metal’, but it’s easy to see their appeal to all but the hardest of headbangers – along with goths and I would imagine the sword n sorcery division. Flowing Elven melodies mix with angelic vocals in an emo-ish atmosphere on tracks like the anthemic ‘The Road Not Taken’, the uplifting ‘White Lily’ and my personal fave, the deep ballad ‘Wenn Die Engel Fallen’ with its excellent piano and violin accompaniments. If you’re looking for something different, then look no further than this 4th album by Lyriel – a name I will not soon forget.

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