MACBETH “Wiedergänger”

Let’s get one thing clear. This is not the Italian goth metal band Macbeth. This is a German thrash band that has been going since 1985 but it is only now that I get to hear about them. But as they say; better late than never. I have a ongoing love affair with German thrash. Have had since the early 80s and it doesn’t seem to wear off either. I love bands like Deathrow, Darkness, Assassin, Exhumer and a handful more. Perhaps I can add Macbeth to that list too. My German isn’t great enough for me to decipher the lyrics without a sheet but just from the titles I can tell that they seem to deal with war in all its forms. They at least got the music to back the lyrical themes. This is full on fist to the mouth kind of thrash that leaves no pardon as it beat you senseless. If you’re not ready for it it will knock you out. This is the kind of thrash that is borderline heavy/power metal. It makes me think of a band like Powermad with an edge so sharp you’ll cut yourself just looking at it. Anders Ekdahl

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