MACHINE HEAD “Catharsis”

(Nuclear Blast)

Battle Helm Rating

You might have seen the shit storm that has hit this album because of the review in Decibel. I don’t know what lies behind that review but it is some funny shit to read at least. Back in 1994 I went on a vinyl binge on summer day. When I came home I had a ton of new old vinyl records to add to my collection but I also had a cd by a little known band by the name of MACHINE HEAD. “Burn My Eyes” was a real vitamin injection in a thrash metal scene that by that time had gone stale and was almost dying out. That album spun countless times. Over the years I kinda lost touch with MACHINE HEAD. It is only in with the last couple of releases that I’ve gotten back into them. So with this new album just released I was excited to hear what the band has come up with this time around. All I can say is that this is as angry as I expect MACHINE HEAD to be. I am not a bit fan of the stop and start stuff but even on this one I can take it. Sure, it makes it hard to pump your fist with any sort of consistency but you can bop along to it like crazy. Anders Ekdahl

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