MAD MAN “Force Of Sound”

“Force Of Sound”
Trad metal is making a huge comeback. Sweden seems to lead the way with a handful or two of bands making the waves Worldwide. Canada is one of the contenders to the throne. Mad Man have that same aura that bands like Enforcer, Portrait or In Solitude have in that they too portray heavy metal as music for hard working people who want to have a good time escaping everyday’s reality. Being a tape release this is old school in so many ways that half could be enough. Look being all the exterior and you find a band very much schooled in the tradition of 80s heavy/thrash metal. This makes me think of the heydays of the 80s/early 90s when this was the music that spun on my turntable pretty much every hour of the day. It will be a pleasure to follow Mad Man’s continued journey. Anders Ekdahl

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